API Tokens

Kubegrid exposes an API which can be used to access the functionality provided by kubegrid without going through the web UI. Details on the API calls are available on the kubegrid API documentation page. In order to make use of the kubegrid API, you'll need an API token.

Manage Your Tokens

You can manage your API tokens on the kubegrid web UI by clicking on the API Tokens shortcut menu item. alt text

This page displays a list of all your active API tokens.

Create A New Token

To create a new API token, click the Create New API Token button below the token table. alt text

This will expose a form in which you can input a name for your token. This name will be used to identify the token on the kubegrid web UI. Then, click Create API Token. alt text

The newly created token will be displayed to you at this time. Copy the token value to a safe place, as there is no way to display the token again after you close the pop-up window. This token can be used to make changes to your cluster infrastructure including creating and deleting clusters, so be sure to keep it in a safe place. alt text

Delete A Token

When a token is no longer needed, you can delete it via the web UI. Select the wrench icon for the token that you want to delete, then click Delete this item. alt text

Once you delete a token, it can no longer be used to access the kubegrid API.